The wooded areas of the Yarapa rainforest and its main Cumaceba jungle, whose waters converge on the Ucayali River, are indicative of a small part of the tropical rainforest of the Peruvian Amazon, the area destined for the implementation of the Concession Ecotourism is located in the buffer zone of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. It is a large wilderness area where it is found in an inventory of 102 species of wild fauna, including species categorized as Paleosucchus trigonatus “dirin dirin” Tamanda tetradactyla “shihui”, Ara macao “red macaw”, festive Amazon “red loin parrot”, etc. 38 forest species, among which Cedrella odorata “cedar”; Hevea brasiliensis “rubber or shiringa” and others.

The “Golondrina” Ecotourism Concession is recognized by the Regional Environmental Authority (ARA) of the Regional Government of Loreto by the Concession Contract Nº 16-LOR-REQ / CON-ECO-2016-001 Resolution Address No. 079.

General Objective

Contribute to the development of Eco tourism and Environmental activities in the Peruvian Amazon by developing activities and projects that contemplate the sustainable development and participation of the communities originating and settled in the area of influence of the “Golondrina” Ecotourism Concession.


To contribute to the conservation of our beautiful amazon jungle, as well as preserves of forest species and wildlife categorized by national and international legislation, through the application of addiction management techniques and the development of communities in the sector of our concession Ecotourism.


 That the sector of the Yarapa and Cumaceba streams become a major conservation unit, joining forces with the original communities, the regional and national government and the private initiative, in order to preserve the landscape beauty of this area of the Northeastern Amazon.